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GO TO MY JEEP WRANGLER PAGE AND CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Virago is back on the market.  We got  Dana a Ninja 250 to learn with instead.
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The CJ - Since retired from the Batsto Demolition Derby
May it find a good home....wherever it is.  Click on the pic for the Jeep resto page.
Club 22, Click on the Logo to see why!
A little about me...
Quite a few things have changed leading up to 2006, but just as many are the same.  The Jeep is still in the shop (it was on the road for a few months at some point), I'm still a Lieutenant with EFR, and I still LOVE my job. (right)  The most significant change in my life has been my girlfriend, Sandy.  Nobody seems to like us together, but we like it and that's all that matters to me.  I love you, Sandy!!

My Babies
This is the newest member of my family.  She's re-shoed and re-sprung, and ready for the woods!!